Easy to Use

ENCX is a fully featured product but it's simple to use from your code, whether you are adding it to an existing application or you are just starting off.

You can display ENC charts with just 19 lines of code.

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Free evaluation

You can download and evaluate ENCX for free.

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Multiple chart formats

Vector and raster

  • S-57 / S-63 : ENC - Now supports AML too.
  • ARCS / NOAA / BSB / MapTech
Ask about the other formats that we can support.

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ENCX is a high performance SDK for the display of navigational charts. It allows software developers to add chart display to their programs. The SDK is developed by Chersoft who have over 17 years experience in marine chart display systems.

ENCX UDE is ideal for NOAA ENC charts.

If you want to introduce marine chart displays into your system, you have a number of problems:

  • Developing a solution from scratch is time consuming and expensive.
  • There are very few truly capable products available in the market place, especially if you want to display both raster and vector charts.
  • Using someone else’s kernel can be difficult to work with, and even getting started can be expensive.

Chersoft have produced ENCX to help solve these problems and we have taken the radical step of designing it to make life easier for developers.

Simply download the demonstration software and try it out. If you like it, contact us and we will provide you with a full version for development purposes.