Executive Summary

ENCX is a high performance SDK for the display of navigational charts. It allows software developers to add chart display to their programs. The SDK is developed by Chersoft who have over 17 years experience in marine chart display systems.

ENCX supports all the major chart data formats to allow good coverage worldwide.

Commercial (encrypted S-63) S-57/ENC data from Primar and IC-ENC is supported

Technical Summary

ENCX is an SDK that provides the facility to manage a portfolio of vector and raster chart information (licensing, installation and updating of data). It handles conversions between pixel and geographic (latitude and longitude) positions. It can supply rectangles of chart in DIB (Device Independent Bitmap) form. It runs on Windows Vista and more recent Windows operating systems. Developers can use many languages to target ENCX including C#, VB.NET and C++.


ENCX, ENCX .NET controls and sample applications can freely be downloaded for evaluation purposes. When unlicensed the system is fully functional but only with the sample data supplied. ENCX is licensed using either a software or a hardware dongle.

Licensing Options

There are two options for licensing ENCX. Which is best for you mainly depends on if you need to use encrypted (S-63) charts. See this page for more information.

Licence Agreement

Click here for the licence agreement that we offer ENCX under.