Advantages ENCX SDK

ENCX is a quality product

The technology is mature with a considerable pedigree in the industry, including hydrographic offices, navies and major oil companies.

It is extremely fast and benefits from over 16 years experience of the development of high performance navigation systems.

It is extremely accurate and is based on technology chosen for this attribute for the calculation of BP’s electronic distance tables.

ENCX is very easy to manage

The most important chart formats and functions come as standard, for one price. There is no need to buy additional modules.

No training package is needed for ENCX, nor is there a need for a subscription to a support service since ENCX is so easy to work with.

The ENCX website is also designed to provide additional support for developers and if you still have questions, contact details.

New versions of ENCX with minor improvements and bug fixes will be available from the website at no charge.

We will always support the current version of ENCX. Once you start making sales, we will also support the product for a further year for any given licence – but by then we think your problems will be long-gone.

ENCX is extremely flexible

It can be added to almost any system at any stage in a project. There is no need to build your system around ours.

It has an application programming interface (API) designed to minimise complexity without any compromise in performance.

Using COM technology it can be used from many programming languages (C#, VB.NET, C++, Delphi and more) and by a large body of developers.

ENCX can be used in a wide range of applications and it is just as useful to navigational and non-navigational systems.